MacFrut 2016

21st September 2016

Last week Marta and Sara went to MacFrut in Rimini (Italy),  the leading trade fair for professionals operating in the fruit and vegetable sector in Italy.

The exhibiting companies involved represent the entire supply chain: 11 sectors (Seeds, Breeding & Nursery, Crop Technology, Production, Trading & Retail, Processing Machinery, Packaging Materials, Fresh Cut, Dried Fruit, Logistics, and Services). Those sectors were divided into 5 halls related to post-haverst and 2 to pew-harvest for a total of about 7 halls. Foreign countries presence has increased this year and included Albania, Argentina, Colombia, Kenya and some European countries. The partner country this year was Perù.

Macfrut is not only for exhibitors but also for technicians and entrepreneurs who want to attend workshops and conferences.

One of the most interesting event was the Fruit and Veg Fantasy show. Product innovations, previews of new products for the Italian and foreign markets, and entire ranges of supplies were showcased and presented directly to buyers and journalists.

Macfrut also gives the chance to the new generation of learning about food and health with an educational lab provided by Alimos Alimentazione e Salute.

Due to the big success of the 2015 edition, this year Macfrut repeated the Macfrut Innovation Award,
where all the leading innovations in terms of environmental and economic sustainability and improvement of product quality receive the Macfrut Innovation Award Medal. The prize is awarded by a panel of experts selected by L’Informatore Agrario. Let’s take a look at the winners for each category:

Category 1 – Seeds and cultivars for fresh and processed fruit and vegetables:

ISI Sementi Spa “Centus F1”

Category 2 – Phytosanitary products and fertilizers:


Category 3 – Machines and equipment for the cultivation of fruit and vegetable products:

Forigo roteritalia “TDC”

Category 4 – Facilities and equipment for protected crops:

Europlastic “Multitech SF Meloni”

Category 5 – Machines and technology for sorting and packaging:

Techno3 “Idrolisi Gruper”

Category 6 – Packaging and packaging materials;

Sorma Group “Sormabag”

Category 7 – Logistics and services;

De Nora “Conservation and refrigeration with ozone”

MacFrut next edition will be on May 2017.

MacFrut 2017 will be full of news. The symbol of this edition will be the strawberry as the fair will be back during spring. There will be the “strawberry days” – a collaboration between Italian strawberrys growers and Romagna typical clubs. More attention to organic products with MacFrut BIO. The day before the exhibition there will some trials with new technologies directly in the field.   The country partner will be China.

In two weeks we will be at Fruit Attraction in Madrid… see you there and stay tuned.